Baby Bounce & Rhyme

Join us for our weekly Baby Bounce & Rhyme session at Shenstone Community Library.

Our Baby Bounce and Rhyme sessions are great fun.  Aimed at children between 0-3 years, it’s half an hour of singing, dancing, and playing designed to make both children and adults smile.

There’s no need to book a place, simply head down and bring your singing voice.  See below for full details.

Where: Shenstone Community Library

When: Every Tuesday at 10:30am – 11:00am and every other Friday at 10:30am – 11:00am (See table below for upcoming dates)

Who: Baby Bounce and Rhyme is suitable for all children.  While it’s possibly most suitable for children aged between 0 – 3 years, everyone is welcome and older children who like a good sing-a-long will love it as well (it’s even fun for adults too!).

How Much? Baby Bounce and Rhyme is completely free for everyone. 

For more information, please feel free to contact us

Summer Baby Bounce & Rhyme Sessions

Tuesday16th July 10:30am
Tuesday23rd July 10:30am
Tuesday30th July 10:30am
Tuesday6th August 10:30am
Tuesday13th August 10:30am
Tuesday 20th August 10:30am